Lose Weight

Do I need to lose weight to look good?

lose-weight-fastThe answer to that question is not always YES.
Maybe you know or maybe you don’t, but the proven fact is that we start losing muscle mass as soon as we stop exercising or training, after just 8-9 days.
Yes, that quick and I know is hard to believe.

You hear about people putting on weight after they stop training and that is not necessarily because they start eating more, it’s mostly because once they start losing  muscle mass, the calories we burn each day decreases.
Muscle mass is the main calories burner in our bodies and I am saying this just in case you didn’t know.

But to go back to our question.

Sometimes is just a matter of body toning to make you look good and at the same time you start feeling better about yourself.
The biggest mistake one makes is going on a very strict diet, which 99% of the time it’s broken one way or the other, because the body doesn’t like being punished all of a sudden.
Instead, try making small changes at a time.
Start by drinking a lot of water, 2-2.5 L per day and slowly cut down and eventually STOP drinking carbonated soft drinks (especially the DIET ones),  energy drinks, etc…
Start doing a bit of exercising, go to a gym, join a BOOTCAMP class, but for the start do it in small doses, don’t go mad straight away because you’ll give up due to muscle soreness.
Make a realistic goal… it  doesn’t has to necessarily be “I want to be x Kg before x date“, it could be that you just want to wear a certain dress or top that is looking at you from the wardrobe 🙂
Get a diet correction sheet and start making notes about everything you drink and eat. After a few days, go back on it and see how can you substitute certain fatty and unhealthy foods with something more… healthy?!?
If you manage to change one thing per week, before you know it, your eating habits  changes towards a healthy lifestyle.
Pick a day or two per week when you can enjoy a cheat meal and look forward to it. It will help you and give you the strength to  say NO to the BIG BURGER / SAMBO that you usually have at lunch/dinner.
This are just a few things you can do towards reaching your target goal. The fact that you are reading this, is the first step you made. Only a few steps away and you’ll get there.

Once you reach that goal, go for the next one.

Also, if you need help to where / how to start, give me a call on 086 898 1808 🙂

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