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Legs Workout – Leg blaster

Leg Muscles
Leg Muscles

The following workout will be targeting your legs, but we’ll also have a few upper body exercises, mostly to bring your heart rate down.

Legs workout are the biggest calories burner because they are the largest muscles in your body:  quads, adductor, abductors, hamstrings, gluts, calf  & tibia muscles.

Also we are looking here to quality exercises not quantity , so pay attention to the detail.

We will not be using any weights what so ever, but only your own body-weight.
Make sure you warm up properly before doing any of these exercises, especially the legs, bringing your heart rate up slowly.

1. Squats – 20 reps

Contract abdominal muscles, keep your spine straight, feet shoulder distance apart with feet slightly pointing outwards.
Knees slightly bent and never hyper-extended.
No matter what, keep heels in contact with the ground, and head in neutral position.

Start by leaning forward from the hip joint and squat down like you are trying to sit pushing your gluts backwards bending your knees and making sure it doesn’t go over the toe-line.
Squat down until you upper leg is parallel with the ground and without bouncing, push up to standing position with your legs NOT you back or hips.
Pay attention to the knees not to wonder in or out during the movement and breath in on going down, breath out on rising up.

2.  Skipping rope – 1 minute

You don’t need a skipping rope here.
Start by keeping your feet close together, knees slightly bent,  activate your abdominal muscles, keep you back straight, head in neutral position and look forward.
Hands by your side as you do have a skipping rope and start by slowly jumping using your calf muscles raising your body about 1 inch from the ground.
Fall on the ball of your feet followed by the heel making sure the knees are not   hyper-extended but slightly bent.
Do not try to jump too high and keep a rhythm the entire duration of the exercise.

3.  Forward Lunges – 20 reps

Stand tall, feet parallel & hip distance apart, hands on the hips, back straight, head in neutral, activate your abdominal muscles (core), knees slightly bent.
Start by making a big step forward and pause, flex the BACK leg bringing the knee close to the ground without touching it.
The upper part of your FRONT leg should be parallel to the ground, making sure the knee stays behind the toe line.
Now push back to the standing position and repeat with the other leg.
Breath normal and make sure to keep your back straight at all time.

4.  Shoulder Rotation – 1 minute

Stand tall keeping your spine straight, head in neutral. Knees hip distance apart, feet parallel, slightly bent & activate your core.
Raise your hands lateral to shoulder height and start by rotating them making small circles.
Speed: about 2-3 rotation per second and make sure to keep you hands shoulder height for the entire duration of the exercise 🙂

5.  Lateral Lunges – 20 reps

Stand tall, feet parallel, shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent & hands on your hips.
Activate your core, keep your spine straight and head in neutral position.
Step out to the right and shift your body weight over to your right leg, bending your knee to a 90 degree angle bringing the upper leg parallel to the ground.
Try to sit down with your butt, keeping your back as upright as possible.
Push up and bring your right leg back to starting position.
Finish all reps on this side, and repeat on left side to complete the set.
Keep your weight on your heels and make sure your knees don’t go over the toe-line.

6.  Speed Boxing – 1 minute

Stand tall, legs hip distance apart, knees slightly bent, activate your abdominal muscles, keep your back straight.
Bring your hands up just above your eyes, bend your elbow towards the face, make a tight fist and bring them on top of each other so left fist is just above the right fist but not touching.
Start by rotating your fists around each other making small circles but very fast – about 3-4 circles per second.
Pointers: Make sure you do not lower your hands below the eye-line and don’t punch your self in the nose 🙂


All six exercises above completes one set without taking a break.
Once the set is complete, take 1 minute break, drink some water and repeat from the top.
We need at least 4 complete sets to make the workout worthwhile.
On completion, start your cool-down for about 5-10 minutes and don’t forget to stretch your leg muscles, especially the calf, hamstrings, gluts and quads.

Good luck and don’t forget to let me know how you did.

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