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Fat vs. Muscles

Fat vs. Muscle

What’s heavier? 5 lbs of FAT or 5 lbs of muscle?

We all heard this type of questions when kids 🙂  (1Kg of feathers vs. 1Kg of nails)

The true is, both are equal in weight, but the real difference is in size & volume. Have a good look at the image above 🙂

What would you rather have? Of course will be the muscle, I mean, look at it, so much smaller in size 🙂

Did you know that 1 lbs of FAT = 3,500 calories?

So, in theory, to lose 1 lbs of FAT per week, all you have to do is burn 250 calories more per day & reduce your daily intake by 250 calories which in turn will equal 500 calories.

(250 + 250) * 7 days = 3,500 calories

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