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Getting a nice shape on your arms

Getting a nice shape on your arms, specially the upper part, is not that hard.
There are only a few muscles that makes-up the arms.
You have the forearm muscles below the elbow and above the wrist, the well known biceps and lastly the triceps.
Beginners, mostly concentrate on the  biceps muscles, hopping to get that “big arms” look, but they can’t be any more wrong about it.
Biceps muscles are very small and very easy to train & get a shape on it doing a few biceps curls, but did you know that any time you perform an exercise involving pulling towards your body with your hands and  elbow adduction, your biceps gets a workout?
For example, lats pull-down has the main involved muscles, the latisimus dorsi (lats) and the biceps are the secondary muscles that helps with the movement, therefore, the day you workout your lats, finish the workout with a few biceps curls and hammer curls.

Anyway, as I said, biceps are not really the muscles that gives a big volume to the upper arm. It’s actually the triceps, the muscles at the back of the upper arm and it’s a lot bigger & stronger. It has three heads, the reason is called triceps and are the secondary muscles involved into chest exercises as chest press.
Getting a good shape on them it only requires a few exercises as  body dips, triceps extension, bench dips, dumbbell kickback and last but not least and the one I love the most, triceps push-down – rope attachment.


As they are part of the pushing exercises, any-time when you workout your chest, finish it off with a few triceps exercises.
Once you follow the routine, in a mater of days, your arms will start to get a nice bulky shape, you’ll see.

Lastly, the forearm muscles. There are not many exercises for them but the best has to be the “Wrist Roller” or “The Farmer Walk”.
Other exercises for this muscle group will be:
Wrist curls (palms down  or up) , Plate pinch…. etc.

Now, get up, hit the gym and show us what you can do 🙂

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