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Working out but not seeing major changes in your body?

deadlift_hero-15ome8iAre you going to the gym and working out a lot but failed to see any major changes in your body shape?

Check your food intake and make sure it’s as clean as possible as you can’t workout a bad diet. Unless you have a very fast metabolism, burning 300 calories in the gym and getting a kebab afterwards, it’s not going to do you any good.
Aiming to lose a pound a week is the best, healthiest and most maintainable way of shading weight off of your waist line.

Check your water intake. Look to consume at least 2 litres per day.

Doing the same workout every day, it’s not going to do you any good as the body gets used to it and recalculates calories consumption, ending up burning less & less every time. Make changes to your workout, like, intensity, weight lifting, exercise type, speed, etc…

Are you using weights machines or free weights in your workout? If not, why? Walking on a treadmill for hours, ain’t going to change your body structure. You are doing that since you were born and the more you are doing it, the less calories you are burning.
Have a look in the gym at people that do that every single day. Do you see any major changes?

Go to free weights section and start working out as the “big boys” if you want to get the shape desired.

From my own experience, working with many clients, you need to push yourself harder and harder every time, trying to lift heavier and heavier for your body to respond to the stress put on muscles, tendons and bones.
As you try to lift heavier or workout harder, body responds in a positive way increasing your body mass, making the bones stronger, preparing itself for the next workout, because that’s the signal that it receives and as you deplete your energy from your muscles, it taps into the body fat to finish off your workout.

To see changes in your body, you should aim to handle your body weight in exercises involving major muscles, chest & upper back.
For legs & lower back, body weight weights might be good enough, but my own conclusion is to aim for double that or more.
When I am saying your body weight, I am talking about the weight you should be, not the current one, in special if your body fat percentage is very high.
One of the best exercise to check your strength is dead-lift. If your normal weight is 50-60 kg (women), you should be be able to handle that easily, if not, start working on it until you get there. It shouldn’t take you long, few weeks the most as you do have the strength, just failed to use it.

Start by warming up properly, 10-15 minutes, than do 1 set x 8 repetitions of deadlifts & romanian deadlifts with light weights, lets say 20kg.
Than, increase the weight by 5 kg each set and repeat 1 set x 8 reps.
Watch for proper form, keeping your back straight, knees behind the toes line, head in neutral position and at the end of the movement, lock your hips out and open-up your chest.
As you progress, and the weight gets heavier, do just the normal deadlifts until you are only able to clean lift only 1 set x 2 reps.
Make a mental note of how much you just lifted and next time, try to bit that.
If you get to 1 set x 6 reps, it’s time to add more weight to the bar. You’ll be surprised of how quick you’ll progress and before you know it, you’ll be well able to handle more than you  thought you will.

The other day in the gym, I asked a guy if we can train together, as it was my legs day and all the big bars were in use.
As he agreed, I asked what’s the most he squatted and I got a shock when I was told he never did more than 50kg (including the bar), plus he never ever did deadlifts.

So I told him as we are going to work together, I will help him and prove it that he can do better than that.
By the end of the workout, he was squatting 130 kg, deadlifting 130 kg, Romanian deadlift 80 Kg and good morning with 50 Kg.
You can imagine the shock he got. He had the strength but didn’t know it.
Same goes for you. You wouldn’t know until you try so get going and beat your record.
Get out of your regular routine and hit the gym hard.
At the moment,  my own record is 150 Kg x 2 reps deadlift & 120 Kg x 3 reps in Romanian deadlift but  my target is to hit 210 Kg deadlift by the end of the year.
What’s your target? Let me know and if you don’t have one, it’s time to make one. 🙂

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