Body Cleansing

How true is it?
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From my own point of view, is a marketing strategy to make money from false advertising.
The human body is so complex, it has it’s own cleansing system.
The best method to help your body getting rid of toxins is through exercise. Why?
Because through exercising, you raise your body temperature, your blood becomes thinner, therefore moves faster and better through your veins and gets as far as skin level.
One of the blood’s job is to collect toxins and eliminate them through the skin via sweating or respiratory system.
Beside that, we also have the liver & kidneys, very complex organs that a doing a great job.
The liver is better than a laboratory, everything pass through it, gets filter, processed and converted into the right stuff that the body needs.
The market is full of false promises, drinks, pills, etc. that promise deep cleansing and other things.
Yes, some of them are good for you, but not really for cleansing, but vitamins, fibre, etc… things that the body needs at all times.
What you feel after a cleansing treatment, in my opinion,  is just the extra vitamins that you gave yourself and the body reaction to them.

In conclusion, try some exercising, fresh air daily. Doesn’t cost you anything but it helps 100%
Stop looking for wonders… The best wonders are inside our bodies and the best stuff and solutions are usually FREE.

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