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bodybuilder dietWorked on a diet plan for the last 3 months and at the start of this year I put it in practice for myself.
To do that, I had to get to 30% body fat, because the point of this diet is to lose body fat and lose as little as possible muscle mass.

First measurement I done was on the 5th of January and I started with:

Weight: 75.1 kg (165.56 lbs)
BF: 30.1%

result: 22.61 kg (49.85 lbs ) body fat and 52.50 Kg (115.74 lbs) muscles & bones

As for yesterday the 21st of January:

Weight: 74.2 Kg (163.58 lbs)
BF: 27.9%

result: 20.70 kg (45.64 lbs ) body fat and 53.50 Kg (117.95 lbs) muscles & bones

Conclusion after just 2 weeks:

Body Fat: 1.91 kg (4.21 lbs) lost
Muscles: 1 kg (2.21 lbs) added

So far the results are fantastic because I managed to put on body mass and lose body fat, which is the main target of the diet itself.

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