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Diet Result 3rd-March-2016

3rd-3-16It has been another 2 hard weeks for me.
Long working hours, 6AM to 10, 11 PM, trying to maintain the diet as much as possible, eating at the right time, the right foods, training, etc…

Life does gets in the way but if you are properly prepared, you can face it head on 😀

As for this morning measurements, I am after reaching my target of 14% body fat, actually, even better result as I am 13.8% body fat… A big YEYYY for me 😀

3rd-03-16 Measurements:

Weight: 74.1 Kg
BF: 13.8%


Managed to maintain my body mass while slowly & surely dropped body fat to my target of 14%

Body Mass: 63.87 Kg (140.81 lbs)
Body Fat: 10.23 Kg (22.55 lbs)

As a result of this diet, not only I managed to drop body fat to my desired target but I also increased strength, benching 102.5 KG from 80kg, leg press 400 kg, snatch & clean 75kg, deadlift 180kg, etc.

Now to work on my flexibility & get rid of the nagging problems with my shoulder & lower back 😀 😀 😀

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