Teens Strength & Conditioning

“Teens Strength & Conditioning”
Age: 16-19 yrs
Every Saturday at 8:30 to 9:30AM (starting in January 2017)
Limited places so advance booking is a must.
Only €35.00 per month ( drop in rate or €10.00 per session )
Learn how to & improve your skill set on:
-olympic lifting
-power lifting
-bench pressing
-kettle bells
Improve your core, body conditioning, strength & flexibility
Train under the professional guidance of L.I. Fitness, strength & conditioning coach for Cherry Orchard u13 , Round Towers U14, PT for elite combat athletes
“My goal is to improve the mindset of today’s youth.
Not only making them stronger physically, but also mentally and feeding them the knowledge of correct posture,lifting and technique.
One simple posture change can make an amazing positive difference in the body and mind of a youth stressed with today’s social frenzy, school, home and exams”.
Louie NMT/PT/S&C – 087 608 11 88